Online Marketing: A Review Of The Basics

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What is Online Marketing?

The internet has become the world’s primary source of sharing information, and businesses can no longer deny the efficiency of a budget and the effectiveness of message penetration that non-traditional advertising delivers.

Online marketing covers a wide variety of tactics that we’ll touch on briefly in this article.


There are many reasons that businesses are choosing online marketing for their advertising needs. Regardless of what method a business chooses, there are many benefits. This form of promotion is very affordable and convenient for businesses of any size. Anyone from the small mom and pop internet sites to massive corporations are able to easily take advantage of the internet to get their message in front of consumers most likely to translate into customers.

In addition to being convenient, online promotions are also easy to track. Businesses can easily track all metrics of a campaign, revealing data about where their customers are coming from in order to refine what methods of internet marketing work best.

Getting The Word Out

Since online marketing basically just means that advertising and marketing is being done online, it covers a wide variety of techniques. Some of these are paid, while others are free and available to businesses of all sizes.

Just a few forms of online marketing include:

• Banner ads on blogs. These are paid advertisements that show up on blogs.
• Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This means paying for a better placement on search engines.
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This includes using keywords and frequently searched terms to earn a better placing on search engines.
• Social media marketing. This encompasses free sites such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more.
• Email marketing. This is done by the use of email newsletters and mailing lists.
• Referral marketing. This means that news of a product spreads via word-of-mouth.
• Video marketing. This is where a video is made about the product and shared online.
• Content Marketing. This form of Internet marketing involves providing relevant, valuable content to potential and current clients through various channels.

As you can see, there are many ways that businesses both large and small can use the Internet to their advantage while advertising their product. Whether paying for advertisements online or other options, there’s something for every business. Online marketing allows businesses to reach their target market online conveniently and affordably in order to spread word of their newest product or service.