Online Marketing Training – 3 Crucial Questions Answered And Free Webinars

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Online marketing is such a challenging yet exciting endeavor. When done properly it is the best thing you can do to promote your business or to collect leads. Unfortunately, so many people who have spent thousands of dollars and a myriad of other resources still don’t have the full grasp of how it works or how to optimize it.

It is a fact that most entrepreneurs waste tons of energy, money and time, and get themselves frustrated because the do not know how to make their online marketing strategy work. Do not let this be your case. In order to fully understand internet marketing and how it affects your business, you need the answers to these three main questions:

  1. What is Online Marketing?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How do I start?

What is online marketing?

We need to start with simple marketing. Marketing is spreading information about a business, services or product to a targeted or interested group of people with the intention, usually, of getting something in return, most times it is money.

Marketing is also in charge of properly handling customers to make sure that they are satisfied with whatever product or services that they get. This includes making sure that all policies are clearly stated and that the description of the product is accurate. In this way not only you guarantee that there are no returns, but that you build a loyal customer base, which is key to a successful business.

Online marketing is nothing but using online tools, such as blogs, website, email, banners, articles, ezines, social media networks, auto responders, and many, many more, to promote a product, service or business and to make sure that the customer or lead gets the best possible experience.

How much does it cost?

Well, there are people out there that will tell you that the cost of internet marketing is huge, however, I tend to differ.

It is true that it MAY be very costly to properly market your business, however, there are so many free or very affordable tools out there, that you can run a full campaign without having to spend very much at all.

Let take for example a couple who has made up to 5 figures in 7 days running a marketing campaign in Facebook, absolutely free. They even gave a webinar in MLSP about their techniques and to tell you the truth it was so simple, yet well rehearsed, that you have to wonder why so many people spend a fortune running campaigns without results.

The best way to start is to run a small, inexpensive and simple campaign, one that doesn’t require you to learn millions of new skills, but that uses the skills that you already have an that you are comfortable with. For example, if you know nothing about creating websites, instead of trying to create it from scratch, sign up for WordPress and start a blog. And if you don’t know about Pay-Pre-Click, it is better to start by writing articles and submitting them to articles directories, a very powerful strategy, that is 100% free.

How do I start?

You have to start in the same way that you start everything else; getting information, learning, and training. There are tons of groups in the web that offer weekly webinars and which help you get started with minimal knowledge.

Find a strategy that you think will work for you and give it a shot. Do not try multiple strategies at the time because instead of learning and mastering one technique you are going to waste your time, and you run the risk of getting burnt out aside from running your resources thin.

In online marketing the key is perseverance. It is really not that important the strategy that you use, but how much effort you put in it and how much you develop it to suit your needs. Do not jump from one strategy to the next without having giving it a fair try. Please believe me; I know people who have made absolutely nothing for the first three weeks of using a strategy, but they kept at it and two months later they had more subscribes and traffic than they knew what to do with.